There is a simple reason you should dine at Gulf to Table certified restaurants. These restaurants have shown that they care about the quality of seafood that they serve.

Corporate, chain seafood restaurants have one overwhelming mission - profit for their shareholders. They source seafood based on cost - not quality.

Independent restaurants that deal in local, fresh seafood are almost always going to take the extra steps required to insure that you are getting the best product that they can find.

When you visit a coastal area, think about where you spend your money. If you dine at a national chain restaurant that (most likely) exists where you live - you’re missing out.

In every waterfront town, small restaurants dot the landscape.  They might not be bright and shiny and have a giant sign out front, but these are the places that give a damn and are going to be most likely to offer fresh, local seafood.

By experiencing these family and locally-owned restaurants - you’ll also be helping commercial fishermen and markets.

Frequenting Gulf to Table certified restaurants helps hard working people along the entire spectrum of the seafood industry.  Here are the ones that we certify get our Gulf to Table, fresh seafood almost every day.