What does a Lionfish taste like?  While considered an exotic fish, Lionfish actually taste like a cross between grouper and Mahi Mahi.  The white, flaky meat is a little firmer than say a halibut.

In addition the removal of Lionfish from our emerald green waters helps reefs and native fishstocks recover from many environmental pressures.  So, that helps our local fishermen too. 

So, what we're saying is not only is it environmentally responsible to eat Lionfish, but they are tasty too!

Looking for a healthy fish to try?  Most fish are pretty healthy, but Lionfish are a step up.  They are shown to be higher in healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and lower in saturated fats and heavy metals like mercury. 

Try em' we're betting they'll become a new favorite.  Shipped Fresh Frozen in 2 oz to 6 oz fillets.  16 oz per package.  Serves 2-3 people.

Order 5 lbs of any combination of items and get $10 flat rate shipping.




Lionfish Fillets - Exotic

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